Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strawberry Jam...yum!

Here it is...the review I said I would do a few posts back. Strawberry Jam by Model City Polish is the order of the day!
 This is a jam packed jellylicious glitter polish. The small red and silver glitter is suspended well in the polish. You can really see the layers and depth when it is painted on your nails...the sign of a great jelly! This polish is sheer, but could stand alone with one coat if done carefully to prevent streaks. The coats dry very quickly, so loading up the polish on the brush helps you spread out the glitter on the nail. However, with this polish there is no need for picking and placing.
I tell you the pictures do not do this sparkly polish justice! In sunlight, my nails shine like a disco ball! I swear I never get half as many compliments on my nails as I do when I wear this.

What you see here in the picture is three coats of the polish with a top coat. As with many glittery nail polishes, a bumpy surface is hard to avoid. I used a coat or two of my favorite top coat (usually Sephora UV top coat or Sally Hansen Hardener) to smooth things up! I think ending up with a smooth surface helps jellies show off the layers so much better! The polish is very thick, but not unmanageable at all. I definitely recommend the use of a base coat to make the removal a lot easier. Glitter is tough and likes to stick on everything!

If I had to give one thing that I did not like about this polish, I would have to say that it is how I have trouble making the polish by my cuticles not look weird. I have a hard time getting a nice look to it without having it end up wavy or strange looking. It is sort of hard to explain. However, that could simply be me simply being a perfectionist about my nail polish.

Like I mentioned before, I am currently waiting for two more MCP polishes to come in the mail. One of which is a fall themed jelly! So excited to try them out and review! Stay tuned to that! Shout out to Nina for her awesome work! Can't wait to see what else she comes out with!


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