Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall is here!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the gap in posting! I had a busy couple days because of homework, work, and all that fun stuff. Real life can be such a drag sometimes -_- Well ok...dramatic time is over! Time for polish! I got my package in the middle of the week, but couldn't open it due to me being away at school. So as you can imagine when I got home I tore into it! I was pleased to see a little black drawstring bag with my two polishes and a cherry blowpop, Model City Polish's little 'thank you' gift.

I was not pleased to see that my polish was wrapped up so tight in bubble wrap and foam that it took me a little extra time to get them open. Once that minor frustration passed, I realized it was a good thing because I didn't get smashed bottles and yucky dried nail polish. So thank goodness for that!

The first polish I decided to test out was the one I was most looking forward to...Fall Fest! I was a little nervous about it once I physically had the bottle in my hand because all the glitter had sunk down to one side and I couldn't get it to spread out. It seemed to not have a BB in it to help it mix up. (I realized later that it did.) However, once I opened it I realized that it wasn't much of a problem. The brush was able to pick enough of the glitter up.

This polish is a really sheer, soft brown so there is no way this is a one coat and done polish. I had to do two or three coats with a little bit of picking/placing to get the look I wanted with the small red, orange, yellow, and green hex glitter. This isn't a heavily packed polish compared to many of the other MCP polishes, but it works if you're going for a "falling leaves" look. It manages to capture the idea of Fall in a simple polish.

As far as "jelliness" goes, it doesn't show depth and layering quite as much as other polishes, which is a little bit of a bummer, but not enough to cause me to dislike it. In fact, I love it! I will be wearing it a lot this fall. I can tell already.

Once this mani begins to chip and wear down, I'll be testing out Seize the Rainbow!


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