Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello! Sorry for the long gap again. I had been waiting for my mystery bag to come in, but it only just shipped yesterday! So, I figured it was time for a post and a mini review!

As some of you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So many people are showing their support by wearing pink in their hair, on their clothes, and on their nails! Many blogs are even channeling "Mean Girls" and showing their support by doing a "On Wednesdays we wear pink" blog post. I completely agree with this cause and think it is extremely important! To all survivors and families affected by this cancer: God bless you! I send my prayers to you all <3

Here is my pink manicure:
 I used Essie Watermelon and Milani White Out to create a very subtle and sweet gradient from nail to nail. This was my first time attempting a gradient like this and I think it came out great! At the bottom, on my pinky, I used the Watermelon color with no white mix. (Sorry the picture got cropped!) I added drops of white and Watermelon on a piece of paper, mixed, and applied the modified polish with a spare brush.

Once the polish dried I used Model City Polish's Seize the Rainbow as an effect top coat.


This top coat is a sparkling wonderland of beauty! I love the rainbow colors that appear in the holographic polish! I can not stop staring at my nails when the light hits it just right! So pretty :) The picture does not do it justice! (Hmm...I think I say that too much! :X)

So to wrap up!
Go pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness! Spread the word! Donate! Every little bit helps <3


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