Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MCP Christmas comes early!

     Hello everyone! Here is the promised review! As you might know, I am a total Model City Polish fangirl! Nina sure knows how to make some amazing polishes. It can be hard to stand out in the indie polish world, but something about Model City Polish's nail polish just works! I now have six polishes in my collection!

 (Back row: Fall Fest, Strawberry Jam, Seize the Rainbow
Bottom row: Sugar Plum, Jolly Happy Soul, Spearmint)

     So, when I saw a post on the MCP facebook about possibly reviewing and sampling some of the very promising Christmas collection I jumped right on it! I was hoping to get "O Christmas Tree" and "You're a Mean One," but I won't complain! (Because I'm just going to buy them later! Stay tuned for a review :P) I did end of receiving Sugar Plum, Jolly Happy Soul, Spearmint.

     The first one that I tested was the glittery "Jolly Happy Soul."

 (From the left: one coat, two coats, three coats)
     I *adore* this polish!! It is packed with black bars, black squares, and red and white hex glitter suspended in a clear iridescent base. This is a total glitter bomb! You don't need to go about picking glitter to get an even coverage on the nail. Normally, I hate anything to do with bar glitter but it works really well in this polish. I think you can get away with not using undies with "Jolly Happy Soul" because of how busy it is. One or two coats works great if you want to have some great statement nails but don't want too much going on. Two coats is ideal for me!

 (Close up of Jolly Happy Soul)

     Next was "Spearmint."
  (From the left: one coat, two coats, three coats)
     This polish is very sheer and is completely opaque at three coats. It has a beautiful shimmer to it and is very similar to Seize the Rainbow. The color compliments the holographic shine very well. It is beautiful and very Christmas-y. It reminds me of a tinsel or ice covered Christmas tree!

  (Close up of Spearmint)
     Last, but not least, is "Sugar Plum!"

  (From the left: one coat, two coats, three coats)
     This polish is much stronger in color than "Spearmint" and only requires two coats. I added three for good measure. It also has a light and catching holographic shine! It's name is perfect. It reminds me to the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker! This nail polish really captures the magic and beauty of the famous fairy.
(Close up of Sugarplum)

     All in all, these polishes were great! I would have to say that Holly Jolly Soul is my favorite out of these three!I love how unique the glitter is! Its iridescence really pops!

     After testing, I decided to see what "Holly Jolly Soul" looked like on both "Spearmint" and "Sugar Plum." Not too bad! I think I like it best on "Spearmint," but it doesn't look too bad on "Sugar Plum."

Thanks so much to MCP for giving me the opportunity to review these wonderful nail polishes! Looking forward to see what comes next!


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